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New to the sport of volleyball, middle blocker Jules Nunn ’21 is playing like a veteran due to his basketball skill set, a hunger for improvement, and an energetic attitude.

“It was a new sport I wanted to try and some of my friends kept inviting me to play,” said Jules, who finally made the move in his junior year. “I’m tall and I can jump. I thought volleyball might be good for me to learn more about jumping for basketball.”

Jackson Peakes ’21 would not let up on trying to get Jules on the volleyball court, and when he finally showed up at this year’s tryouts, Jules never looked back. Playing in another sport versus training in the off-season was a plus for Nunn and the volleyball team. 

“The benefit is you get more overall work, it’s fun, and a great atmosphere,” said Nunn. 

“We love the multisport players and we know that these athletes are good for volleyball.  There are a lot of basketball mechanics that happen in our game, said Head Coach Chaz Hulet.

Nunn’s learning curve in volleyball has been steep making his jumps also count for the Boys Varsity Volleyball team, now 2-1 in SPC play. St. John’s won their first two SPC counters over St. Stephen’s and St. Andrew’s but lost a close match to Episcopal.  The Mavericks will have another chance against the Knights as they play each team in the SPC South twice.  

“Jules is starting to get the game fundamentals down and making an impact as we figure the best rotations for us against each team,” said Hulet. “He’s a huge addition.” 

“In volleyball, you get more blocking and jumping, and there are some defensive slides too,” said Nunn. “I'm working on blocking and pushing over. I am also learning the right side. I like the slide too.”

It’s not surprising that Nunn is taking to the sport of volleyball.  According to Hulet, the slide is like a layup in basketball. 

The Mavericks will take on SPC newcomer Awty in consecutive matches on October 2nd and 15th.  As of now, Nunn is making his presence felt on the court in whatever role he can fill, and he is having fun in a gym blocking, jumping, and sliding.  

Sam Chambers- Athletic News
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